Easypay Global Payroll Solution

Worried about your Global Workforce? With PCL, it is simple than ever to comply with the intricate and constantly changing workforce payroll requirements!

A complete global solution for all your Payroll needs

Global payroll solution enables you to pay top talent instantly and in compliance with the legislation everywhere in the world, making the solution a strategic asset than an administrative one.

Enhance Employee Experience

Provide Local Benefits to Employees

Accurate and Ontime Payment

Extend Customer Service

Easy and Quick Implementation

PCL Global Payroll Solution integrates easily with your already existing Oracle Solution or can be used independently without any pre existing softwares. This makes PCL completely hassle free and truly complete solution.

Integrate with your already existing Oracle Solution
Independent Solution with no pre existing software requirements

Reduce Sign off process with Oracle

Using pre-configured pre run and post run dashboards , you get a comprehensive picture of your data right in your Oracle solution.

Highly user friendly and requires no training to use.

Consistent Payday For Your Global Team

Assured Compliance

Efficient and compliant payroll supported by a dedicated Account Manager

Active monitoring

Role-based security ensures that only specific users can view and modify sensitive data

Global Expertise

Our professionals are prepared to assist you in managing each pay period with assurance

Pay every Employee type

Save time by making payouts for contractors and full-time employees

Seamless Integration

Integrate with any leading HCM to provide ideal data exchange

Track Payroll Status

Improve accuracy, timeliness and visibility via AI-powered dashboards

Let us help your Global workforce with out-of-the-box solutions

You can control all aspects of employee management, including reporting, time tracking, payroll, and benefits, from one system.
You don’t have to enter data or perform computations. The platform syncs your HR information to the payroll system, which processes it seamlessly.
The platform has built-in compliance tools, tracking timesheets, and reporting tools.
You’ll be able to pay hourly, salaried employees, bonuses and commissions, and correct historical payroll run.
Our solution is cognizant of all government regulations and local laws that must be adhered to when paying employees abroad.
You’ll also benefit from security provisions(rules) and data privacy embedded in your payroll system.
Employees can enter and view their data from anywhere through an employee self-service portal.
It’s perfect for every employee type such as Pending workers, Contractors, contingent workers and Agency workers.
With payroll and expense data automatically categorised and synchronised to your general ledger, you may save hours of reconciliation work each month.






Payslips processed

Riverside employee engagement
Case Study
Standardizing Global HR Processes with Oracle HCM of Global Pharma
The implementation of Oracle HCM Suite provided a comprehensive solution for the global HR challenges faced by Global Pharma. The suite enabled the organization to standardize HR processes and data management across all countries, resulting in improved consistency, accuracy, compliance, and data-driven decision-making.
Riverside Updated
Case Study
Riverside transforms talent management processes and improves employee experience with Oracle

The Riverside Group is one of the UK’s leading registered social housing providers, with over 3500 employees and over 75,000 homes

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