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Unlocking Growth: A Consumer Goods Company’s ERP Transformation Journey with PCL

The Oracle ERP implementation empowered the client to overcome operational hurdles, achieve efficiency, and position themselves for future growth, the client now stands prepared for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow…




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A prominent U.S.-based consumer goods company renowned for its diverse product portfolio, faced an operational crossroads. With a legacy ERP system comprising an amalgamation of disparate components, their capacity for growth was hampered. Manual processes, data discrepancies, and scalability limitations were among the challenges that weighed heavily on their operations.

What client wanted to overcome?

Legacy System Strain: The client’s existing ERP landscape consisted of a complex legacy system that had organically grown over the years. This intricate system posed challenges in terms of scalability and efficiency.

Operational Inefficiencies: Manual processes across disconnected systems led to reduced operational efficiency and increased the risk of errors.

Data Inaccuracy and Delays: Multiple legacy systems resulted in data redundancy, inaccuracies, and delayed information flow, impeding business growth and customer satisfaction.

Lack of Centralised Planning: Without a centralized demand forecasting and supply chain planning system, the client relied on subjective judgments, resulting in bloated supply chain inventory and low turnover rates.

Warehouse Centralisation: With plans to centralize warehouse and manufacturing operations in a new facility, the client sought an efficient distribution and warehouse solution to handle the increased size and complexity.

The Solution: Oracle ERP Implementation

Partnering with PCL, a renowned Oracle ERP implementation expert, the client embarked on a transformative journey. PCL delivered a comprehensive solution that addressed every facet of their challenges:
Holistic ERP Integration: PCL introduced a holistic Oracle ERP solution that seamlessly integrated Finance, Supply Chain, and Warehouse Management in the cloud. This integration eradicated data silos and enhanced visibility across the board.

Effortless EDI Integration: PCL ensured seamless integration with the client’s EDI partners, suppliers, and third-party systems. This streamlined communication, reduced errors, and improved efficiency.

Cutting-Edge Warehouse Management: PCL was at the forefront of innovation with implementations, introducing automated pickers and boxing systems that revolutionised warehouse operations.

Streamlined Manufacturing: PCL’s implementation streamlined manufacturing processes, integrating them fully with the ERP system. This resulted in real-time tracking, improved production efficiency, and reduced costs.

The Benefits:

The results of this transformation were nothing short of extraordinary:
Legacy System Elimination: The burdensome legacy ERP system with numerous integration points was eliminated, simplifying operations and ensuring a more agile ERP environment.

Supply Chain Efficiency: Improved supply chain inventory turns, faster product turnover, reduced carrying costs, and increased profitability.

Elevated Customer Service: Enhanced visibility into the supply chain improved customer service, meeting customer demands more effectively and boosting satisfaction.

Scalability and Future Growth: The client now possesses a scalable ERP solution, ready for future expansion and acquisitions.

Why PCL as Their Partner:

The client’s choice of PCL as their Oracle Implementation partner was underpinned by several key factors:
Deep Oracle Expertise: PCL’s team brought extensive Oracle expertise, instilling confidence in the client’s implementation’s success.

Tailored Solutions: PCL’s commitment to customization aligned with the client’s unique needs, promising a 15% boost in process efficiency.

Proven Track Record: PCL’s history of successful Oracle ERP implementations, boasting an average ROI of 18% within the first year, showcased their ability to deliver results.

Holistic Approach: PCL’s holistic approach, addressing both technology and the human element of change, reduced employee resistance by 40%.

Commitment to Innovation: PCL’s dedication to staying at the forefront of Oracle ERP advancements ensured access to the latest capabilities, with a 30% increase in system capabilities and performance.
PCL’s partnership transformed our business. They replaced our complex legacy ERP system with an agile, scalable solution, boosting operational efficiency. Their innovative  implementations streamlined our warehouse, and their change management strategies reduced resistance. Their deep expertise and commitment to customization made them the perfect choice for our growth journey.
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