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Transforming Window and Door Manufacturing with Oracle ERP-SCM-CX Cloud Implementation

A leading UK window and door manufacturer overcame manual processes, outdated practices, and limited visibility by implementing Oracle ERP-SCM-CX Cloud solutions. The transformation resulted in reduced operational costs, streamlined processes, enhanced inventory control, and improved customer satisfaction, demonstrating the power of modernization and automation in today’s competitive business landscape.
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Customer Profile

Our client is a leading window and door manufacturer based in the UK, with a presence spanning over 20 locations and nine dedicated manufacturing facilities. Specialising in aluminium windows and doors, they faced operational challenges that were hindering their growth. Their reliance on paper-based work order tracking, manual production scheduling, and limited shop floor visibility was causing inefficiencies. Revenue recognition was a cumbersome, time-consuming manual process. Furthermore, the lack of visibility in the end-to-end supply chain and ineffective coordination between different plants added to their challenges. The absence of an order promising system and the inability to simulate scenarios were affecting their order processing. Limited reporting capabilities hampered their ability to predict future demand, putting them at a competitive disadvantage. To overcome these obstacles, they turned to PCL for an Oracle End-to-End ERP-SCM-CX Cloud Implementation.

Business Challenge

Manual Processes: The client was heavily reliant on manual processes for their daily transactions, leading to errors, delays, and inefficiencies.

Outdated Practices: The need for a transition from traditional, outdated business practices to modern, streamlined processes was evident.

Limited Visibility: Inadequate visibility into the end-to-end supply chain made it difficult to coordinate operations and make informed decisions.

Order Processing: The absence of an order promising system and the inability to simulate scenarios hindered their order processing capabilities.

Reporting Constraints: Limited reporting capabilities made it challenging to predict future demand accurately.

Key Solution Highlights:

To overcome these challenges, BGC Partners chose Oracle HCM, a consistently ranked #1 vendor in Gartner, with “Completeness of Vision” being a key differentiator vis-a-vis other competitors in the market. Oracle Cloud HCM is a cost-effective and robust automated standardizing system that facilitates easy workforce management while saving precious time and costs in payroll processing. In addition, it automatically calculates predated HR changes and processes them to provide financial flexibility with a payment option to the employees.

Oracle Modules Implemented:

Our collaboration with the client involved a comprehensive transformation. We:
  • Provided agile transformation using implementation best practices and methodologies.
  • Overhauled manual processes to eliminate inefficiencies in daily operations.
  • Helped the business transition to modern practices for improved efficiency.
  • Delivered a seamlessly integrated environment that offered real-time information and the flexibility to generate ad-hoc reports without manual intervention.
  • Automated purchase lead time, enhancing the purchasing cycle.
  • Established end-to-end supply chain visibility, improving forecast accuracy.
  • Implemented a scalable planning process, system, and platform.

Oracle Modules Implemented:

To address the client’s needs comprehensively, we implemented the following Oracle modules:
  • Oracle ERP Cloud (Finance) (GL, AP, AR, FA, CM)
  • Oracle Supply Chain Execution Cloud (Inventory Cloud, Manufacturing Cloud, Costing Cloud, Product Data Hub)
  • Oracle Procurement Cloud (Self-Service, Purchasing)
  • Oracle Customer Experience Cloud (Sales, B2B Service, Field Service)
  • Oracle Order Management Cloud
  • Oracle Planning Cloud (Supply Planning, Production Scheduling)
  • Oracle Transport Management Cloud

Key Benefits

Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Operational costs were significantly reduced through improved data accuracy and automation.

Streamlined Processes: Production and procurement lead times were reduced, leading to a more efficient workflow.

Inventory Optimisation: Increased inventory visibility allowed for better control and optimisation.

Revenue Recognition: Manual work was eliminated, resulting in faster and more accurate revenue recognition with precise reconciliations.

Efficient Order Processing: The order promising cycle time was reduced, improving overall order processing efficiency.

Quality and Efficiency: Product quality and operational efficiency were enhanced.
Customer Satisfaction: Improvements in sales cycle time, order visibility, accuracy, and customer satisfaction were achieved.

Manufacturing Efficiency: Automation led to improved manufacturing cycle times, contributing to overall operational excellence.
Despite these remarkable achievements, the journey was not without its challenges. Overcoming the resistance to change among employees during the implementation process and ensuring a smooth transition from manual processes to an integrated Oracle solution required careful planning and effective communication.
The successful partnership between our client and PCL exemplifies the transformative power of Oracle ERP-SCM-CX Cloud Implementation in revolutionising business operations. While challenges were encountered, the remarkable benefits reaped from this endeavour underscore the significant advantages of embracing modern, integrated solutions in today’s competitive business landscape. As we continue to evolve, we remain committed to empowering businesses with innovative technologies to achieve their operational and strategic goals.
I cannot overstate the impact of partnering with PCL for our Oracle ERP-SCM-CX Cloud implementation. They understood our unique challenges and guided us through a transformation that has revolutionized our business. The results speak for themselves: reduced costs, streamlined processes, and happier customers. PCL exceeded our expectations.
– Chief Information Officer
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