Oracle Fusion Cloud 22D (What’s New in Employment)

Oracle has eliminated the need for managers to browse multiple pages for Employment info such as assignment details and workforce structure codes. The usability of the employment assignment page has been further improved with the addition of fields detailing the assignment and the manager’s section on the page. This would precisely associate the work structures and the manager linked with a particular worker assignment. The HR executives and managers can continually monitor these details for the proper functioning of the organization.




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The Employment Info page gives an employee’s personal and work-related information, which an organization needs to track over an employee’s lifetime. The assignment connects employees to an enterprise’s work structures and policies and is used to maintain a work history of an employee’s journey in the . Oracle 22D, with its updates, enhanced the manager experience with complete visibility about their team and made decision-making much more efficient.

Workforce Structure Codes added to Employment Info page

Managers had to browse through multiple pages to get the assignment details of an employee and then analyze the information. Managers had to open multiple tabs to get the desired information, even for contextual job details.
With this update, the employment assignment page’s usability is enhanced by adding fields detailing the assignment and managers section of the page. On the assignment page, you/we can now see the various codes that had to be noted earlier from different pages as per the requirement. In contrast, the manager’s section is enabled with the manager assignment number.
This would help to correctly correlate the work structures and the managers associated with a particular worker assignment. We can see the other details like the codes, department, and proposed titles on a single page without navigating to other pages. This would help the manager with a holistic idea of the employee’s assignment details.
Upgraded employment Info page with Workforce structure codes
Manager Assignment number added in Manager section

Check Time cards while deleting an Assignment

When deleting the assignments, the managers or HR executives had to check for any existing time cards separately. The application now has a check for the time cards existing when an additional assignment is deleted. If time cards still exist, the process for deletion is stopped, and an error message appears, alerting the existence of the time card. This check also comes in place when performing global or local transfers.
Note: This check is not applied when only a date-effective assignment record is deleted.
This new update would save time for Managers and HR admins as the information is on the same page. The system would also alert before deleting any existing time cards, thus making the process more efficient.
System alerts if you have an existing timecards while deleting assignment

Configurable business Title Switcher in My Team

Managers had to search for colleagues by their names in the My Team section, and only after selecting an individual could they see their assignments.
Oracle 22D improved the manager experience as now they can get a field for assignment attributes. It can be a list of values and help them take their following action straightaway.
The managers also have the option to modify the search based on assignment instead of having to search the individual employees and then compare the assignment details. It enhances the experience and makes the analysis much more convenient.
Search Employees using assignment filter

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