Managed Solution

Global Managed Benefits Solution

Effortlessly Streamline Your Global Benefits Enrollment for employees and administration for Enhanced Employee Well-being and Organisational Success right within Oracle Cloud HCM 

Streamline and Optimise Global Benefits  
Enrollment within Oracle Cloud HCM 

Elevate Your Benefits Enrollment Experience

Self-service Benefits Enrollment

Empower Employees with Personalised Selection and Easy Enrollment in Oracle Cloud HCM 

Globally Synchronised

Global Benefits Data is synced with the benefits providers within Oracle Cloud HCM

Flex credits Allocation Made Easy

Enables seamless allocation and personalisation of flex credits

Benefits Service Center

Streamline benefits administration tasks through a centralised service center

Benefits Premium Billing

Simplifies the benefits billing process by providing employees with clear visibility into their benefits costs

Effective Benefits Communications

Engage employees by delivering clear information and timely notifications

Transforming Benefits Enrollment: Empowerment, Efficiency, and Data Integrity Combined 

Efficient Benefits Enrollment: Streamlines enrollment, and integrates data seamlessly with Oracle Cloud HCM, reducing administrative burden, saving time, and ensuring data accuracy. 
Improved Employee Experience Empower employees with seamless self-service, personalised communications, and hassle-free enrollment for enhanced engagement and satisfaction. 
Data Integrity Assurance Seamlessly integrates benefits data for accurate and consistent information, ensuring data integrity.
Centralised Global Administration Provides a centralised Global Benefits Service Center for efficient benefits management, allowing HR teams to oversee enrollments, track data, and handle employee inquiries. 






Employees Enrolled
Fruit of The Loom – Global Payroll
Case Study
How Fruit of The Loom addressed Global Payroll challenges across 8 countries using PCL Global Payroll on Oracle HCM Platform