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Riverside Group Accelerates Their Care by Managing Their Expense and Running Financial Processes Faster With Oracle Cloud

PCL has designed a solution leveraging Oracle expense management and Oracle ERP Cloud to empower core financial, expense, supply chain, project management, portfolio management, and PLM applications. This solution accelerates the implementation cycle for businesses by close to 40%-70%.
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Client Overview

The Riverside Group is one of the UK’s leading registered social housing providers, with over 3500 employees and over 75,000 homes.  Riverside provide support and affordable housing to people of all ages and circumstances throughout England. For nearly 90 years, Riverside has offered much more than simply bricks and mortar. Whether supporting the homeless, providing desperately needed accommodation, or offering rented and shared ownership schemes, Riverside transformed the lives of more than 90,000 people who call their Riverside house’ home’​. They specialise in social housing, homeownership, veterans’ services, retirement living, and supported housing.

Project Summary

To enhance business procedures, internal financial controls, reporting capabilities, and expense management. Riverside migrated to Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud (General Ledger, Budgetary Control, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, AP Automation, Fixed Assets, Cash Management). Oracle Expense management and Oracle Procurement Cloud were implemented through a partnership between Riverside and PCL (Purchasing, Requisitioning, Sourcing, Supplier Portal, and Inventory Management). Riverside needed a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for digital expenditure management that offers finance managers complete spend information and policy-driven control, as well as employees simple data entry alternatives. For example, automating travel registration and approvals via online and mobile channels and spreadsheet entry choices lessens administrative burdens while collecting crucial data for efficient cost management. Project management, business process consulting, change management, system configuration, data translation, interface creation with ten external systems, testing, organisational preparation, education, and post-production support were all included in PCL’s services.


1. Fully integrated requisition to the payment process
2. Streamline expense processing and reduce costs
3. Support for global Per Diem requirements
4. Simplify expense reporting and increase compliance
5. Streamline travel integration
6. Improve employee productivity
7. Compliance with corporate policy and local regulations
8. Mobile entry for expenses
9. Improved project accounting and reporting
10. Automated workflow approvals
11. Reduce costs and risks associated with traditional on-premise it
12. Control expenses with embedded policy enforcement
13. Embedded transactional intelligence that guides approvers’ decisions
14. Unique approval routing for project and cost centre expenses

Why Riverside chose Oracle HCM

Riverside selected Oracle HCM because it provided a one-stop shop for efficiently managing and organising its employees. For many years, according to Gartner, they held the top spot as a provider, with “Completeness of Vision” serving as a crucial differentiation from other industry rivals.
Meetings with all of the important stakeholders were held after that to ensure that all of the organisational needs would be met. They were confident that Oracle HCM was reliable and offered a wide range of operational features, which would save money and time by automating and standardising payroll operations and the entire organisation.

Why Riverside chose PCL?

PCL has designed a solution leveraging Oracle expense management and Oracle ERP Cloud to empower core financial, expense, supply chain, project management, portfolio management, and PLM applications. This solution accelerates the implementation cycle for businesses by close to 40%-70%.


The PCL Cloud Implementation Methodology enabled the 14-month project to be finished on schedule and within budget. In addition to using proprietary implementation tools and accelerators, this process-centric strategy also incorporates prototyping to model business processes. Project successes include:
1. Improved reporting was made possible by the leading software’s integration of Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI).
2. Gave TRG the resources it needed to manage the travel and cost procedure well. It gives a comprehensive overview of the status of your spending items, reports, cash advances, travels, and issues that need action. Flexible payment alternatives. Versatile data entry techniques.
3. Integrating Oracle Expenses Cloud and the travel partner GetThere enhanced the employee booking process and gave visibility into travel expenses and policy infractions.
4. A more efficient approach that significantly decreased the use of paper and manual labour
5. For digital expense receipt management, Oracle Expenses Cloud is directly connected with Oracle Automated Invoice Processing, offering businesses the freedom to employ a single digital solution for various business operations.
6. Comprehensive per diem provisions and customisable rules for lodging, meal reimbursement, and incidental expense reimbursement complement both business policy and local laws.
7. By establishing enterprise-wide regulations, automating approvals and compliance checks, and examining spending trends, TRG can now control expenses proactively.
8. Transformed ownership, where departmental users may submit requisitions, monitor status, complete approvals, and acquire products and services thanks to procurement self-service.
9. Oracle’s quarterly updates have eliminated the need for additional upgrades
10. Moving to a single ERP enabled Riverside to integrate acquired companies faster by requiring them to move to the Oracle Cloud platform. As a result, Riverside’s IT department no longer focuses on maintaining a wide range of systems but on looking for ways to use the latest quarterly updates from Oracle to transform the business
We decided to resolve our business issues with Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud and Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud, and as a result, we now enjoy the tremendous advantages of a fully integrated cloud system that meets all of our financial, supply chain, and human resource needs and comes with excellent support from Oracle.
– Finance Director
The Riverside Group
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The Riverside Group is one of the UK’s leading registered social housing providers, with over 3500 employees and over 75,000 homes

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