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We want people who are passionate about what they do, and who want to create a better future for themselves and their clients .

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We value creativity, innovation, and teamwork. At PCL, employees are encouraged to be innovative and think outside the box. This helps them develop close relationships with their peers, leaders and also work on diverse skillsets which will help them grow as professionals. 

Culture at PCL

A Global Perspective

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4 Core Values – InnovationIntegrityCommitmentCollaboration


Foster a culture of constant evolution and creativity to drive groundbreaking solutions.


Collaborate closely with our clients, building strong relationships to achieve shared success.


Uphold the highest ethical standards, prioritizing transparency and trust in all our interactions.


Dedicated to delivering excellence, going the extra mile to exceed expectations and achieve remarkable outcomes.

Culture at PCL

At PCL, we are committed to developing a culture that provides employees with the opportunity to grow and learn. We believe this is essential for them to be happy and successful in their roles. We have a team of people who help us nurture talent and provide opportunities for our employees to explore their skill sets. This ensures that they feel confident in what they are doing, which leads to higher levels of job satisfaction. PCL’s mission is to build a culture of purposeful communities, where members can live life with meaning, share their passions and grow together as they develop themselves as individuals, professionals and leaders. 

“As an employee of PCL, I’ve had a fantastic experience so far! The work environment is very collaborative and the people are really nice. There are always plenty of opportunities to learn something new and grow. I feel that the management team has been very supportive and it has been a great experience overall. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an internship or full time position.”
Harshit Arora
IIT Madras
Solutions Director

A Global Perspective

PCL deals in 20+ countries and understands the need to give their clients the best possible service, and this means working in an interconnected way across borders. This means exposure to different technologies in various different industries. 

Hence you would be solving challenges of many varieties which will help you develop the desired skillset for becoming the leader of tomorrow. You won’t sit in lecture halls instead, you’ll learn in small groups through a fun combination of presentations, activities, role-playing, and experience sharing.

“I joined PCL a year ago and I did not expect this journey to be filled with so much learning and fun. They have a lot of resources for us and the mentors are really nice. On top of that, I’ve had a lot of opportunities to interact with people from other countries through our online project management systems. I would recommend it to any budding professional who is looking to enhance their career path.”
Dev Kumar
IIT Kanpur
Senior Product Manager

Focus on You

As your life progresses, your priorities may evolve. We want to make sure you have all you need for a long, productive, and satisfying career with us. Hence, PCL offers not just exciting perks like unlimited paid leaves and extremely flexible working hours but opportunities to switch departments within the organization after joining as to quench your curiosity and intelligent mind. PCL offers unlimited opportunities to grow and highly appreciate new initiatives brought by employees in any department. We also give complete ownership of the activity so as to nurture important skills for budding leaders like communication, budgeting, management and delegation.

Celebrating Success: A Culture of Achievement and Appreciation

At PCL, we believe that celebrating success is an essential part of our company culture. We recognize that our employees’ achievements contribute directly to our company’s growth and success. We take great pride in fostering an environment that values and celebrates accomplishments, creating a sense of fulfillment and motivation within our team.

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Employee Stories

Working at PCL has taught me the true power of collaboration. During the implementation of Oracle Global Payroll, my team faced complex payroll configurations and tight timelines. However, through effective collaboration and open communication, we were able to overcome these challenges and deliver exceptional results. Each team member brought unique skills and perspectives to the table, and together, we created innovative solutions that exceeded client expectations. The support and synergy among team members at PCL fostered a collaborative environment where everyone’s ideas were valued and celebrated. It’s this collaborative spirit that makes me genuinely happy and proud to be part of PCL.

At PCL, innovation is not just a buzzword; it’s deeply ingrained in the company culture. As we embarked on the implementation of Oracle Global HCM, I witnessed firsthand how PCL encourages and embraces innovation. Our team was constantly encouraged to think outside the box, explore new technologies, and find creative solutions to address complex HR challenges. The freedom to innovate and experiment, coupled with the support and guidance of our team members, empowered us to push boundaries and deliver groundbreaking solutions. This culture of innovation and the opportunity to be at the forefront of technological advancements make working at PCL a truly exciting and fulfilling experience.

One of the most rewarding aspects of working at PCL is being part of a global endeavor. During the implementation of Oracle HCM across different regions, including Asia, Europe, and the Americas, I had the privilege of collaborating with diverse teams from various cultural backgrounds. This global exposure enriched my perspective, expanded my cross-cultural communication skills, and broadened my understanding of HR practices worldwide. PCL’s emphasis on inclusivity and global collaboration created an environment where we celebrated the diversity of our team members and leveraged it as a strength. Being part of this global endeavor not only made me happy but also instilled a sense of pride in contributing to the success of organizations across the globe.

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