Payroll Analysis Dashboard

Strengthen your employee’s faith in the financial integrity of your business


At the PCL innovation centre, we have created a tool called Payroll Analysis Dashboard, which analyses the data before running the payroll.   
Payroll Analysis Dashboard enables a proactive approach to payroll errors, against the reactive approach, by identifying issues early, thus improving Payroll operational efficiency. In addition, the dashboard presents vital statistics like total errors and missing entries in different fields in a structured format which helps to eliminate pre and post-run errors. 

How We Can Help

Pre-run major potential issues that can be identified and resolved are 
An employee with 0 salary 
Time cards submitted and approved but not transferred to Payroll 
New Hire and Late Hire – including retro payroll processing  
Missing cost centres
Missing bank details 
Post-run major potential issues that can be identified and resolved are
Errors in a statutory reduction in Payroll (PAYE and NI – employee and employer) 
Missing party ID of new hires for payments   

Stats for a company size of 3,000+ employees for every pay run 


errors eliminated


hours saved by avoiding unforeseen issues


reduction in payroll sign off time 
Oracle HCM of Global Pharma
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