Oracle Fusion Cloud 22D (What’s New in Journeys)

Journeys deliver customised, relevant assistance based on each employee’s background and situation. Users can now access relevant journeys and create multiple tasks in one task. Oracle 22D updates with new features make it more secure, guided and advanced than ever.




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Oracle Me, awarded the 2022 Top HR Product of the Year by the Human Resource Executive, gives a comprehensive employee experience meeting the ever-evolving business needs of organisations. It includes Journeys that deliver personal guidance to support employees through professional and personal workflows such as onboarding, promotion, starting a new project or getting married with a consumer-like experience. Employees can launch journeys relevant to their role, skill, location or other needs. In Oracle Cloud 22D, the journeys are upgraded with more security, including a survey mechanism, enhanced tracking and the ability to categorise journeys relevant to a business area.

Secure Journey Category selection when creating Journeys

The users had complete access to all categories while creating journeys, and there was no way to restrict access to their business areas.
Oracle 22D has enabled Category Security to control what categories users see when creating templates in the Create Checklist Template page and creating a personal journey in the Journeys.
You can provide role access to either of these options:
1. Specific categories
2. All categories
Select appropriate Journey categories for specific Users
For example, you can restrict to create journeys only of the Compensation category. A line manager can only see the Compensation category configured for their role and create personal journeys for that category.
While in all categories, if you gave the HR specialist role access to all categories, then a user with the HR specialist role can see all the categories when they create a journey template on the Checklist Templates page.
It provides the ability to allow your users to create journeys in categories relevant to their business units only.

Surveys in Journeys

HR had to assign each survey separately to the employees, such as pulse or general surveys—this required lot of manual intervention and time. Oracle 22D updated with survey Journeys features that can be used to create any specific survey, such as Touchpoints or general ones and assign it to people in your organisation.  
We can create Survey journeys in checklist templates using the new category Surveys. The survey template allows only one task of the type of Survey. You have to predefine the questionnaire before adding it to the task. For the Touchpoints survey subtype, only Touchpoints subscriber-based questionnaires are listed in the Questionnaire list of values. Similarly, for the General survey subtype, only Journey Survey subscriber-based questionnaires are listed in the Questionnaire list of values.
All new Survey journey Template
Only those persons who meet the criteria will be assigned the survey journey. For example, a survey journey can be specific to a legal employer and business unit. We can allocate the frequency to assign the survey journey by selecting Months, days, weeks or specific dates. This provides an end-to-end survey mechanism in Journey. It enables you to create and send surveys, and analyse and report on the results.
Schedule your Surveys at your convenience

Advanced Journey task type using a combination of different Task types

In Journeys, HR had to create multiple related tasks, and there was a need to combine all those tasks in a single one. Oracle’s R&D devotes 70% of its resources to customer feedback, and with Oracle 22D, they brought this new feature to create Advanced journey tasks.
Advanced task type lets you combine a maximum of 3 task types as a single, and it can comprise a different combination of tasks.
Suppose you are creating an Onboarding journey and want your new employee to know about your organisation’s vision with an excellent introduction video, answer a few questions about any mandatory requirements before joining, and finally submit the task with an E-signature to confirm. Now, you can add all these sub-tasks to one task, making it efficient and user-friendly for you and your new employee.
 All-in-one Advanced task type

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