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Leading provider of office
equipment eliminated the global payroll burden!

A leading provider of office equipment in the retail and supply chain distribution industry serving 31 countries and over 16 offices worldwide, had 12+ local payroll providers to manage global payroll. It posed huge problems like visibility and compliance becoming extremely time-consuming, manual spreadsheets and approvals. The organisation shifted to Global Payroll Solution by PayrollCloud which streamlined its worldwide payroll process by combining all data sources into a single global perspective, automating operations, and assuring data correctness. The implementation was a huge success as the solution was perfectly integrated into Oracle’s interface, provided quick drill down, saved time and provided reliable support.

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Reduction in payroll
sign-off process

Customer Profile

A leading provider of office equipment in the retail and supply chain industry serving 31 countries and over 16 offices worldwide, has established itself as a major player in this market. Through a vast network of suppliers, efficient logistics, exceptional customer service and the company’s commitment to be up to date with technology, it is able to offer customers a wide range of office equipment at competitive prices and has seen a 4X growth in the recent years.

The Challenge

The corporation hired local payroll providers in each region to manage its worldwide payroll. Dealing with 12+ payroll suppliers proved difficult due to data silos from each source. Working with segregated data sources made visibility and compliance extremely time-consuming and challenging. The payroll team had to manually aggregate the data and update it regularly in an excel spreadsheet. Every payroll run was also manually approved, with multiple people verifying the various spreadsheets.

The organisation was looking for a platform that would help it streamline its worldwide payroll process by combining all data sources into a single global perspective, automating operations,
and assuring data correctness. The company was happy with Oracle solutions that it had invested in already and wanted a global payroll solution which could easily fit in Oracle’s interface. The firm wanted to find a real partner that could keep up with its rapid expansion, give greater data visibility, and seem like a natural extension of its corporate culture.

The Implementation

To implement the solution, PayrollCloud worked closely with the company’s team to understand their specific needs and requirements and developed a customized implementation. The strategy included:

End to End Data Migration Ownership
With over 80,000 records that determine the Gross-to-Net and Costing, data is most important to the success of the payroll implementation. PayrollCloud took the data migration ownership right from extraction including data transformation, data cleansing suggestions, and data harmonisation recommendations apart from loading into Oracle.

Unique Data-Driven Requirements to Design approach: Uncovering the details

In Payroll, the devil is in the details with all the thousands of numbers and calculations. For an employee size of 4300+ employees, the accuracy has to be over 90,000 records for Gross-to-Net and Payroll costing. So PayrollCloud designed a specific data-driven detailed requirement approach that uncovers these details early.
The scope of the services included complete ownership of the Data Management process where source data was extracted, cleansed, and transformed.

Hypercare – Post Go-live Support

PayrollCloud provides the second month of Hypercare at no additional cost.
Within payroll, there is the concept called Retro Payroll Processing. This means that when there are adjustments in the prior month, then the payroll of the current month should perform accurately for the prior month’s adjustments.
For this reason, PCL provides the second month of Hypercare at no additional cost. We stand by our work and our customers to ensure that we have delivered a complete and safe Payroll Go-Live.

Payroll Run book

PayrollCloud will provide a Customer specific payroll run book. This PCL Payroll Runbook is an important toolkit for BAU operations. The Payroll Runbook helps to enable efficient payroll processing.

Data Driven Requirements to Design approach

With this Data driven approach, we have been able to provide:
  • Data Migration Quality: It helps early on to determine the quality of the data migration.
    Example: we can predict 8% data quality cleaning needed in the element entries.
  • Unknown concepts uncovered: Some concepts, such as Capitalisation related to
    Finance/Accounting, are also uncovered and may not be related to Payroll operations.
  • Costing and Elements: The level of complexity of the elements and costing and element
    applicability rules are also reversed engineered and validated with the traditional requirement discovery approach.
  • Harmonisation or Pay policy changes recommendations: Statistics that help to plan for Pay Policy changes for workers who fall in exception or outliers.
  • Faster and Accurate way to Design: With this data discovery, the design needed is also
    uncovered and well thought out in advance to a detailed level. For example, some elements may be subject to Pensionable earnings while some do not. Such applicability rule matrix is well determined to the granular level. In such data discovery, the customer could provide 90% of the data components, and hence 90% of the design could also be determined initially. This also simplifies the process of requirement gathering
  • Data transformation early on: We also built Oracle data templates from this raw data. As the data quality was about 90%, we built the payroll data sets ready for Oracle migration upto 90% which jumpstarted the project.

Why PCL?

The company partnered with PCL for Global Payroll Solution since PCL had domain expertise in global payroll, along with HCM transformation to cater to all the requirements. PCL has successfully processed 180k+ payslips.

The Solution

PeopleCloud(PCL) first targeted to create a unified payroll experience for the company by consolidating all the data under PCL Global Payroll Solution.

PCL personalised the pre-run verification and variance dashboard as per the company’s
requirement so that the payroll sign-off process could be reduced by 60%, as the lack of a holistic view resulted in time consumption for error elimination.

The power of pre-run, and post-run portals and checklists ensured that each payroll run was 100% accurate as one cannot afford errors with even one employee.

The regular updating of Global Payroll Solution’s compliance along with the secure framework of Oracle made the company’s HR director utterly relaxed as she said, “With PCL’s Global Payroll Solution and its excellent integration with Oracle, I feel peace of mind and able to focus on other business growth strategies!”


After implementing the solution, the company was able to perform payroll smoothly globally and could plan on expansion as well. Now the company can
  • Save Time: The company has eliminated the coordination required for multiple payroll suppliers and days taken for error rectification.
  • Analyse and drill down on the problem efficiently: The variance and pre-run dashboards
    allow quick access to the holistic with critical filters like country, category and many more. The payroll manager is also able to compare statistics of essential fields like taxes, earnings, and hours on a monthly or quarterly basis. The drill-down feature to the employee details page showing all the necessary information is in high use.
  • A Reliable Support: The payroll team gets their questions answered on the same day by the dedicated customer success manager at PCL.
I am delighted with Global Payroll Solution by PCL. Now the payroll is fast, accurate and compliant. I am now able to focus on my global expansion to make more happy customers” – Chief Financial Officer
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