Mastering HCM Success: Unveiling the Key Factors with the Right Solution and Implementation Partner 

Unlock the secrets to mastering HCM success! Dive into the pivotal decisions shaping your software implementation journey, and role of Implementation Partner; from flexibility nuances to the delicate balance between big consultancies and boutique firms.
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Embarking on a software implementation journey involves navigating a landscape filled with choices. The decisions made, particularly in selecting the right implementation partner, can shape the trajectory of success. From finding the delicate balance between adaptability and challenges to weighing the merits of industry-specific expertise, each choice is a critical piece of the puzzle. Join us in exploring the nuanced considerations between configured and tailored solutions, and the distinctive qualities of big consultancies versus boutique firms. In this exploration, discover why the success of your software implementation program is not solely about the software itself but hinges on the strategic choice of the right implementation partner 

Balancing Flexibility and Challenge 

The balance between flexibility and challenge is crucial in the implementation process. While businesses often seek a flexible partner, it’s essential to define the level of flexibility required. Striking the right balance ensures that the project stays on track without unnecessary cost increases or risks. Concrete milestones and a set go-live date can provide structure and facilitate timely decision-making. 

Industry Focus vs. Industry Agnostic

Deciding whether your implementation partner should have industry-specific expertise or come from outside your sector involves weighing the advantages and challenges. An industry-focused partner brings in-depth knowledge but may risk a cookie-cutter approach. Conversely, a partner from a different industry can bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas but may require more time to understand your sector’s intricacies. 

Big Consultancies vs. Boutique Firms 

. The choice between a large consultancy and a boutique firm involves considering perceived risks and quality. While big consultancies may offer perceived lower risk and higher quality, boutique firms often provide personalised attention, lower costs, and a higher stake in project success. Smaller firms are driven by the need for every project to be successful to ensure their survival and reputation. 


In conclusion, the success of any software implementation program hinges on the right implementation partner. Reflecting on the considerations outlined above will help you determine the attributes and suitability of your chosen partner. Remember, it’s not just about the software; it’s about how it’s implemented. 
As you embark on your Oracle HCM implementation journey, consider partnering with PCL, a boutique consultancy with a proven track record in implementing Oracle solutions. With a commitment to flexibility, a tailored approach, industry expertise, and competitive rates, PCL is your trusted partner for a successful Oracle HCM implementation. Let us guide you through your next project, ensuring a seamless and effective transition to Oracle HCM. 
Oracle HCM of Global Pharma
Case Study
Standardising Global HR Processes with Oracle HCM of Global Pharma
The implementation of Oracle HCM Suite provided a comprehensive solution for the global HR challenges faced by Global Pharma. The suite enabled the organisation to standardise HR processes and data management across all countries, resulting in improved consistency, accuracy, compliance, and data-driven decision-making.
Fruit of The Loom – Global Payroll
Case Study
How Fruit of The Loom addressed Global Payroll challenges across 8 countries using PCL Global Payroll on Oracle HCM Platform
The implementation of Oracle HCM brought significant benefits to Fruit of the Loom. The scalable design allowed them to efficiently acquire two companies with over 700 employees. Processes such as benefits, new starter, leaver, leave payment, and OT and shift differential payment were streamlined. Compliance management for tax reporting improved, with better review processes and audit data availability…
Riverside employee engagement
Case Study
Riverside increases employee engagement, reduces payroll sign-off time, and realises a return on investment in less than six months using Oracle HCM Cloud
BGC Partners transformed HRIS and 22 payrolls in just four months with 99.82% accuracy

BGC Partners overcame payroll issues with an integrated, end-to-end Oracle Cloud HCM resulting in significant time savings, allowing focus on strategic initiatives.

Riverside Updated
Case Study
Social housing company transforms talent management processes and improves employee experience with Oracle

The Riverside Group is one of the UK’s leading registered social housing providers, with over 3500 employees and over 75,000 homes

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