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Resolian Elevates Employee Engagement, Accelerates Payroll Efficiency, and Achieves Rapid ROI with PCL

Resolian, a prominent global research laboratory, faced complex HR and research challenges following a merger, necessitating a unified solution. PCL, with expertise in Oracle solutions, provided a comprehensive suite of modules, which streamlined HR processes, optimized research operations, and ensured stringent compliance. This transformation empowered Resolian to harness the full potential of its experts across the U.S., U.K., and Australia, setting the stage for a new era of research excellence.

Customer Profile

Resolian (formerly Alliance Pharma Inc. and Drug Development Solutions Ltd.) stands as a prominent global research laboratory, specializing in GxP and nonregulated bioanalysis, drug metabolism/pharmacokinetics (DMPK), and GMP CMC analytical and materials science services. With a team of over 1000 experts across the U.S., U.K., and Australia, Resolian consistently delivers high-quality results while maintaining the highest standards of regulatory compliance throughout the drug development journey.

Business Challenge

The merger between Alliance Pharma Inc. and Drug Development Solutions Ltd. brought immense expertise and innovation to Resolian. However, it also presented the challenges, including the need to attract and retain top scientific talent, manage a geographically dispersed workforce, ensure compliance with complex regulations across multiple regions, and handle intricate payroll and benefits administration. Additionally, their cutting-edge laboratory operations demanded continuous skill development and efficient knowledge management. To address these issues, Oracle HCM was implemented, providing solutions that streamlined core HR processes, enhanced recruitment and onboarding, fostered skill development and knowledge sharing, facilitated performance management, ensured rigorous compliance, and optimized payroll and benefits administration. This transformation allowed Resolian to focus on its core mission of delivering high-quality results in drug development while effectively managing their HR and talent-related complexities.
We liked Oracle as the first choice for HCM software, but without PCL, we would not have been able to go with a Tier 1 software cost-effectively and efficiently.

Why Resolian chose Oracle HCM

Resolian made a strategic decision to implement Oracle solutions, recognizing the need for a comprehensive and unified platform to streamline their complex research and analytical activities. Oracle’s renowned track record, extensive capabilities, and commitment to innovation made it the ideal choice for Resolian’s mission to optimize their research services and deliver superior results.

Implementation Partner

To navigate the complexities of merging two established organizations and integrating Oracle solutions effectively, Resolian partnered with PCL, a trusted expert in the field. PCL brought in-depth knowledge of Oracle solutions, combined with experience in guiding organizations through similar transformative journeys.

Modules Implemented

1. Oracle Cloud HCM Core HR
2. Recruitment
3. On-Boarding
4. Talent & Workforce Management
5. Learning & Development
6. Performance Management
7. Personnel Administration & Case Management
8. Payroll & Benefits Administration
9. Document Management & Knowledge Management


The implementation of Oracle solutions provided Resolian with a unified and efficient platform for their global research operations. The successful integration of Oracle modules enabled them to enhance research project management, streamline data analysis, ensure stringent regulatory compliance, and optimise their human resource, payroll, workforce and talent management processes.

This transformation allowed Resolian to harness the full potential of their experts across the U.S., U.K., and Australia, achieving unprecedented levels of collaboration and innovation. The seamless communication and integrated infrastructure facilitated by Oracle solutions have empowered Resolian to meet the diverse needs of their preclinical and clinical programs with state-of-the-art technology.

The project was not only completed within the established budget and timelines but also exceeded expectations. Resolian, with the support of PCL, showcased resilience and teamwork in the face of challenges, resulting in a successful transformation that enhances their position as a leader in global research laboratories.
This collaboration with Oracle and PCL has been instrumental in redefining our research capabilities and ensuring that we continue to deliver exceptional results. The strategic merger of Alliance Pharma Inc. and Drug Development Solutions Ltd. is now further enriched by our partnership with Oracle, setting the stage for a new era of excellence in research and analytical services.
– People Director at Resolian
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