Webinar: ERP Strategy Roadmap

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Want to attain a clear path to benefits realisation through structured ERP Strategy & Roadmap, navigating your way forward to success.

  • Is your current ERP system due for an upgrade or refresh?
  • Have you evaluated the scalability of your current ERP solution?
  • Are you considering mobile accessibility for your ERP users?
  • Have you assessed the cost-effectiveness of your current ERP?
  • Are data security and privacy concerns addressed in your ERP system?
  • Are you aware of the support status for your existing ERP solution from the vendor?
  • Have you faced or are you concerned about the possibility of a vendor audit?
  • Are there concerns regarding GDPR compliance within your current ERP system?
  • Does your team find your current ERP system overly complex or cumbersome to use?
  • Have you considered a ‘Cloud First’ approach for your ERP solution deployment?
  • Are you interested in exploring how ERP can drive digital transformation within your organisation?
In this informative webinar, David, Business Development Manager at PCL, will guide us through the roadmap discovery process. This process aids in comprehending the present and future support status of E-Business Suite releases and offers valuable insights to assist decision-makers in addressing common queries they grapple with:
  • When is the right time to transition to Oracle Cloud?
  • Is upgrading to Oracle CLoud the optimal choice for my organisation?
  • Should I consider the Sustained Managed Service route?

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