Easypay Global Payroll Solution

Simplify your payroll process with real-time Oracle Cloud HCM sync, seamless access to pay slips within Oracle along with AI-driven accuracy for your global workforce.

Elevate Your Global Payroll Game with Easypay and Oracle Cloud HCM

Your Comprehensive Solution for Seamless and Compliant Payroll Processing Worldwide. Experience the difference as our global payroll solution enables you to pay top talent effortlessly

Real-time Oracle Cloud HCM Sync with Easypay

  • Transfer essential employee data in real-time covering compensation details, absences, benefits, variable allowances, and cost centers.
  • Connection extends across various Oracle modules such as Time and Labor, Benefits and Allowances, Workforce Management, and many more
  • Creates a Unified Payroll Ecosystem

Payslips and Payroll Documents within Oracle Cloud HCM

  • Employee access their payslips and payroll document within Oracle Self Service Portal.
  • Enhances employee experience via providing a truly unified payroll solution and eliminating disjointed user journeys.

Artificial Intelligence Backed Accuracy for your Payroll

  • Enhance precision with AI checks for errors and missing data.
  • Get detailed error reports for clear insights and faster resolution.
  • Ensure precision, timeliness, and transparency.

Effortless Gobal Compliance

  • Global Payroll Across 15+ Countries: The US, Canada, The UK, Spain, China, Mexico, Ireland, India, Singapore and Many More
  • PCL commits to manage and submit the requisite reports to relevant authorities.

Transform your payroll with Easypay: Efficiency, precision, and happy employees await!

Streamlined Approvals & Communication

Optimize efficiency via centralizing approvals and eliminating chaos

Faster Decision Making via Real Time Data

Analyze global insights and reports to take better decision

Support and Maintenance

Get status updates via dedicated support for transparency

Seamless Benefits and Deductions Management

Streamline deduction and allowance management through a central hub

Let us help your Global workforce with out-of-the-box solutions






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