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In an era marked by unparalleled shifts influenced by evolving customer expectations, dynamic market opportunities, and constant regulatory changes, financial service firms must distance themselves from outdated IT systems and forge stronger connections with their customers.

The imperative is to introduce novel services, expand customer bases, navigate risks and regulatory landscapes, all while ensuring a superior customer experience. Achieving this transformation in financial services necessitates the adoption of a flexible and secure cloud platform.
At PCL, we understand the dynamic challenges faced by financial institutions. We present a comprehensive roadmap for achieving operational excellence, leveraging industry best practices, our profound financial expertise, and hands-on experience. Our extensive toolkit, honed through numerous implementations, streamlines labor-intensive efforts and accelerates your transformation.

What We Offer

The PCL Financial Cloud is your gateway to optimising your entire financial operation, ensuring you realise the highest value and immediate returns on your investment. Our comprehensive solutions include:

Flexible and Secure Cloud Platform

  • Achieve adaptability to changing market conditions.
  • Ensure the highest levels of security for sensitive financial data.

Innovation at Your Fingertips

  • Create a fertile ground for innovation within PCL Cloud Solutions.
  • Launch new services, explore market opportunities, and stay ahead of industry trends effortlessly.

Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance

  • Seamlessly navigate the complex terrain of risk and regulations.
  • Benefit from a fortified cloud solution with robust risk management tools and compliance features.

Strategic Scalability

  • Scale your operations strategically with our cloud platform.
  • Easily adjust resources to meet evolving business demands without compromising security.


PCL’s Financial solutions offer a multitude of benefits for your financial institution

Customer-Centric Service Delivery

  • Redefine financial service delivery with intuitive interfaces.
  • Provide personalized services, placing the customer experience at the forefront.

Advanced Analytics for Informed Decision-Making

  • Gain valuable insights into customer behaviors, market trends, and profitability.
  • Make informed and strategic decisions based on comprehensive analytics.

Resilient Security Infrastructure

  • Prioritize security with a resilient infrastructure within our cloud platform.
  • Conduct regular assessments, fortify defenses, and safeguard critical financial operations against cyber threats.

Operational Efficiency

  • Enhance operational efficiency with streamlined processes.
  • Leverage the power of automation and optimization for a more efficient financial ecosystem.

“PCL’s Oracle HCM implementation optimized our finance HR, providing automation, efficiency, and invaluable analytics, greatly improving our workforce management.”

– John Fitzgerald, CFO

The financial industry’s transformation demands forward-thinking strategies, and PCL is your trusted partner on this journey. With a proven track record, deep industry knowledge, and innovative solutions, we empower you to revolutionize your financial operations, enhance efficiency, and navigate the evolving landscape.


Case Study

A large Financial enterprise transforms 32 payrolls to Oracle Cloud & reduces Payroll sign-off to less than seven days

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