Human Resource Suite

Help your recruiting team create a better experience. 

Oracle Cloud Help Desk

Superior Service

Seamless access to HR services to resolve employee questions.

Data Privacy

Leverage a single security model to protect sensitive employee data.

Case Management

Ensure appropriate case assignment for timely answering employees.


Minimize implementation cost as customers leverage core HR configurations.

Oracle Benefits Cloud Implementation

Oracle Fusion Benefits (HCM Benefits) is a global, rules-based benefits application that enables organizations to manage and deliver benefits programs to meet their mission, objectives, and strategic alignment with the organization.

HCM Benefits is a configurable and flexible global product that enables organizations to evolve and adapt to the unique needs of their workforce and is an integral part of any total compensation package.
Benefits can deliver traditional ‘one-size fits all’ plans and highly complex plans that selectively target different workforce segments with different benefit packages. In addition, it supports the cafeteria style of choosing benefits and flex credits if required.

Benefits self-service gives employees an intuitive process that guides them through selecting their eligible benefits. Employees can review and update their contacts as part of the enrollment-guided process and select dependents and beneficiaries in a separate step at the end of the enrollment process.


Sophisticated and configurable life event management
Scheduled life event processing
Flex credits
Self-service enrollment
Rules based benefits
Flexible design of programs
Service centre functionality
Quickly create programs and plans
Easy program extract and import
Benefits Extract

Oracle Absence Management Cloud Implementation

Oracle Fusion Absence Management (Absence Management) is a highly configurable rules-based application that enables you to manage employee absenteeism globally and locally efficiently. Implement your policies and rules consistently while you streamline your absence process and administrative framework. As a result, absence Management allows you to reduce effects associated with absenteeism, such as cost, risks, and productivity.

As an integral part of the Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) solution, Absence Management enables you to create basic or complex and highly differentiated absence plans while providing simplified and smart absence transactions for employees, managers, and administrators.

Key Features

Highly configurable and flexible rules based engine 
Attachments for absence records 
Innovative and configurable user interface framework 
Configurable administrative framework 
User-Friendly and flexible accrual and entitlement definitions
Integration to Global HR, Time and Labor, and Global Payroll 
Self-Service for employees, contingent workers, and managers 
Administrator transaction
Integrated approval framework 
Structured absence plan types for managing entitlements and payment 
Quick and easy setup of absence plans and absence types 

Oracle Cloud Work Life Solutions 

My Brand

Measure employees’ influence inside and outside the organization to improve their personal brand. Provide targeted recommendations to employees regarding potential mentors. 

My Volunteering

Attract new employees with a comprehensive volunteer program. Create personalized volunteer recommendations based on employee user profiles.

My Wellness

Set and track wellness activity and participate in friendly competitions. Help employees connect with fitness groups inside the organization and achieve their wellness goals. 

My Competitions

 Utilize healthy competitions to fuel creativity and motivate employees. Create leaderboards that rank employees participating in a competition, helping create fun rivalries. 

Oracle Global Human Resource Cloud Implementation

Oracle’s Global Human Resources (Global HR) goes beyond traditional HR tasks with a single, global solution that delivers better operational efficiency, increased productivity, and global excellence across all people processes.

Based on open standards, Oracle Global HR brings standard global people processes, interactive organizational charts, enhanced collaboration, document management, reporting and analytics, real-time notifications, and in-context predictions and recommendations to all business users through a simple and powerful HR solution.

Worker Lifecycle

Effectively hire, manage, and terminate workers according to legislation and standard global practices. 

Employee Information

Provide employees with the ability to manage personal information, absences, and benefit enrollments, view pay slips and total compensation, and participate in fun competitions from one spotlight. 

Industry and Union Support

Simplify the management of unique industry, union, collective labour, and worker agreements with rules-driven processing.


Efficiently manage employment, positions, and jobs, including global assignments. 

Global and Local HR

Leverage legislative functionality to operate effectively across more than 200 countries and jurisdictions. 
Oracle HCM of Global Pharma
Case Study
Standardising Global HR Processes with Oracle HCM of Global Pharma
The implementation of Oracle HCM Suite provided a comprehensive solution for the global HR challenges faced by Global Pharma. The suite enabled the organisation to standardise HR processes and data management across all countries, resulting in improved consistency, accuracy, compliance, and data-driven decision-making.
Fruit of The Loom – Global Payroll
Case Study
How Fruit of The Loom addressed Global Payroll challenges across 8 countries using PCL Global Payroll on Oracle HCM Platform
The implementation of Oracle HCM brought significant benefits to Fruit of the Loom. The scalable design allowed them to efficiently acquire two companies with over 700 employees. Processes such as benefits, new starter, leaver, leave payment, and OT and shift differential payment were streamlined. Compliance management for tax reporting improved, with better review processes and audit data availability…
Riverside employee engagement
Case Study
Riverside increases employee engagement, reduces payroll sign-off time, and realises a return on investment in less than six months using Oracle HCM Cloud
BGC Partners transformed HRIS and 22 payrolls in just four months with 99.82% accuracy

BGC Partners overcame payroll issues with an integrated, end-to-end Oracle Cloud HCM resulting in significant time savings, allowing focus on strategic initiatives.

Riverside Updated
Case Study
Social housing company transforms talent management processes and improves employee experience with Oracle

The Riverside Group is one of the UK’s leading registered social housing providers, with over 3500 employees and over 75,000 homes

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