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Attain a clear path to benefits realisation through structured ERP Strategy & Roadmap, navigating your way forward to success.

  • Is your current ERP system due for an upgrade or refresh?
  • Have you evaluated the scalability of your current ERP solution?
  • Are you considering mobile accessibility for your ERP users?
  • Have you assessed the cost-effectiveness of your current ERP?
  • Are data security and privacy concerns addressed in your ERP system?
  • Are you aware of the support status for your existing ERP solution from the vendor?
  • Have you faced or are you concerned about the possibility of a vendor audit?
  • Are there concerns regarding GDPR compliance within your current ERP system?
  • Does your team find your current ERP system overly complex or cumbersome to use?
  • Have you considered a ‘Cloud First’ approach for your ERP solution deployment?
  • Are you interested in exploring how ERP can drive digital transformation within your organisation?
With PCL, Oracle ERP implementation isn’t just an upgrade; it’s a transformative journey. Our strategy and roadmap ensure that you not only implement ERP successfully but also leverage it to drive innovation and growth within your organization.
Clients who have engaged with our Oracle ERP Strategy Roadmap process have experienced a newfound clarity on their journey forward. No longer plagued by uncertainty, they possess a well-structured plan that addresses their unique challenges and leverages their strengths.

ERP implementation failure can be one of the costliest mistakes a company makes.
According to GartnerERP implementations failure rates can exceed 75%.

Benefit from an ERP Strategy Roadmap

Establish a Common Understanding of Strategic Goals

Streamline Investment Decision-Making

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Strengthen Strategic Management

Seeking to attain a lucid perspective on the road ahead and establish a well-defined route to realise advantages?

PCL has developed a distinctive approach called the Oracle ERP Strategy Roadmap, which furnishes an individualised ERP strategy meticulously aligned with your company’s distinctive business structure, foundation, and aspirations. Clients who have participated in our exploratory procedure have not only achieved a clearer understanding of their progression path but have also received a customised guide tailored to their specific voyage.

Features of PCL ERP Roadmap

Comprehensive Needs Assessment
Clear Timeline and Milestones
Budget and Resource Allocation
Change Management Strategy
Risk Mitigation and Contingency Plans
Continuous Improvement Framework
Case Study

A Consumer Goods Company’s ERP Transformation Journey with PCL

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